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Mister Do

Title: Mister Do
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Everyone
Genre: smut, slight!angst
Rating: nc-17
Warning: prostitution, infidelity, breath play, cross dressing, exhibitionism, slight daddy!kink
Length: 1.6k
Summary: Climbing out the back door, didn't leave a mark.
Note: Inspiration.

Kyungsoo meets Baekhyun in an alleyway behind one of the busiest hotels in Korea. He tells him his price, says that he’s clean, and takes the hand offered to him that builds a path up to the business tycoon’s penthouse.

Baekhyun fiddles around some, beats around the bush with a nice scotch chilling his fingers, and Kyungsoo smiles obligingly. He has to make the first move with this skittish, young man, barely a year older than him and in shoes three sizes too big.

They fuck like an old married couple, practiced movements and Kyungsoo’s back against Egyptian cotton sheets. Baekhyun thrusts into his sporadically, hips stuttering every now and then, but he knows where to place his hands and when to fist Kyungsoo’s cock until they both come.

Somewhere between the banging of a bedpost and sweat sheened skin, Baekhyun falls in love with the way Kyungsoo’s hair splays on the mattress like a spider web that lures in the poor black fly.

Baekhyun doesn’t like cuddling, even though his arms ache to hold the boy below him, so Kyungsoo takes the walk of shame back down to the lobby with his wallet fatter and the name of a married man on his lips.


Kyungsoo is approached by Luhan when their tour guide stops for a break and asks for directions to a bathroom. Kyungsoo grabs his hand, leads him to an empty bathroom in a karaoke place, and kisses him hard.

He asks if Luhan wants a good time, if he has any money, and the boy looks stunned but quickly nods his head, saying he only has fifty.

Thats good enough, Kyungsoo smirks, and drops to his knees on the dirty bathroom floor. He unzips his pants, lets Luhan fuck his mouth, fingers tangled wildly in his hair and tugging so hard it actually hurts.

Luhan falls in love with the way Kyungsoo looks up at him through watery doe eyes, lips stretched wide around. That looks stays burned into the backs of his eyelids.

Despite his shy appearance, Luhan makes him swallow with a rough growl, nor does he help Kyungsoo stand up when it’s all over. He just hands him the money, gives a shaky bow, and goes back to his tour group.


Kyungsoo stumbles into Kris’ lap one drunken night at the club, smiles, and slurs that yes, he does want to come home with Kris when presented the opportunity. His flat is on the better side of Seoul and his breath smells of hard alcohol and overworked entrepreneur, so Kyungsoo softens it all with gentle kisses.

He’s folded in half on a hard mattress, Kris’ dick pounding into him mercilessly, and yells out ‘daddy’ like the elder asks. He wraps his own hand around his dick as Kris finishes up, coming into the condom with a grunt and a you did well.

He also pays well, so Kyungsoo stumbles out of his building satiated and content. Kris falls asleep right away, there’s no use in staying.

After panting breaths have fallen, Kris falls in love with the way Kyungsoo’s pale skin contrasts the blackness of his soul; even with the coal mine they both live in.


The next night, Kyungsoo trapezes up to Chanyeol at the very same night club, and they agree to meet at a motel. Money is exchanged beforehand, Chanyeol obviously new to this, but Kyungsoo makes it easy for him and kisses the awkward away.

Once the fire is lit in their bellies, Chanyeol pushes his face down into the mattress and fucks him slowly, drawing out their moans, and coming onto his back. It’s possessive, it’s intimate, and Kyungsoo doesn’t like it.

He gets dressed as soon as he can, bolts out the door, and for once in his life doesn’t like the weight of his wallet.

Chanyeol stares after him and falls in love with the residual moans of a tenor voice that keep reverberating his ears.


Kyungsoo escorts Junmyeon to a business dinner in a hotel booked for large parties. He acts nice, prim, proper, because that’s what Junmyeon is. He’s also experienced, assimilating Kyungsoo in with ease, and they slip away from the crowd just as smoothly.

Junmyeon tells him he’s going to show him his office, kisses him hard in the elevator, gets him riled up. Then he fucks Kyungsoo on his desk without lube, makes Kyungsoo cry out his name, makes him come without touching.

They head back down to the party, hair and clothes smoothed, and while they parade around innocently, Junmyeon can’t help but think of the way he’s fallen in love with the soft curves of Kyungsoo’s hips and thighs.

He pays him, kisses him once more, and lets the cold air outside of building slap him in the face.


Kyungsoo sees Jongdae buzzing around the mouth of the alley and walks up to abashedly. It’s all an act, though.

Jongdae takes him back to his apartment on the outside of the city with a sutter in his voice and money transferring hands secretly. Kyungsoo strips them both down, throws one leg over Jongdae’s shoulder, and moans when appropriate.

It’s in the middle that Jongdae’s hand circles his throat, and his whole body seizes in panic, but the elder calms him down, tells him it’s okay, he knows what he’s doing-- he won’t hurt him.

Kyungsoo’s mouth is agape and his soul pours into Jongdae when his lungs burn and they climax together. They lay and smoke together after that, and Jongdae succumbs to the growing love he has for the way Kyungsoo submits and his narrow shoulders.


Kyungsoo merges paths with Jongin at a cafe and opens with pure smiles. When conversation runs low he manages to take him to the back, and Kyungsoo kisses dubiously. Jongin takes him to his house, eyes wide at the proposition but he hands over money nonetheless.

Things with Jongin are tentative and slow, like he’s never done this before, and Kyungsoo takes the lead with a comforting smile. He shares comforting words, not rushing things in the lead. He rides Jongin, chests pressed together, until he comes between them and Jongin into the condom.

Jongin falls in love with the way Kyungsoo’s fingers lazily comb through his hair, his head on the elder’s chest and their legs intertwined.

And when Jongin falls asleep, Kyungsoo sneaks out the back door.


Kyungsoo is specially ordered for Sehun; the request comes in days before and there’s actually a buzz of excitement in the air. He dresses himself up in women’s lingerie, panties holding back his hard cock, and he puts on a show for the young man. Sehun fingers him languidly, sitting in an armchair with Kyungsoo on top, and grins unscrupulously.

They fuck on satin sheets and the sounds of their bodies moving against each other shatter against the wall. Sehun comes first, long before Kyungsoo, and he apologizes profusely. Kyungsoo is used to it, anyway, and gets himself off guiding Sehun’s hand on his cock.

Sehun falls in love with the multitude of moles that freckle Kyungsoo’s body; ones he can kiss and lick and watch the way his saliva shines off of them.


Kyungsoo is surprised when someone like Yixing comes up to him with money in hand and eyes glazed over. He follows him to a sleazy hotel, doesn’t complain about the smell, and walks through the door of their room for the hour.

Yixing pushes him up against a wall and licks into his mouth hotly. They shed their clothes and he lifts Kyungsoo up, legs wrapping around his waist, and screws him right into the drywall. It’s fast and rough and unprotected but it’s a thrill.

They climax one after the other, breaths ragged and hearts racing.

Yixing falls in love with the exposed column of a creamy neck that he can suck bruises into, and hopes they’ll last a while once Kyungsoo dresses and leaves.


Kyungsoo bent over, washing his hands at the sink of the club, when Minseok leans over him. He whispers in ear, says he wants a good time, says that he has money, he can’t wait, that someone told him where to find Kyungsoo.

He tells the man it will cost extra for exhisbitionism, but he isn’t fazed. Minseok fucks him right there on the counter, patrons coming and leaving, watching the way he thrusts roughly into Kyungsoo without stretching or lub.

Minseok throws up in the toilet afterwards, and Kyungsoo takes sympathy and rubs his back until he’s better and can walk out of the club alone.

Minseok finds he’s in love with the exposed patch of skin of Kyungsoo’s neck, and he can still feel it under his lips.


Kyungsoo bumps into Tao at the gym in the indoor pool, their heads cracking against each other’s, and the latter apologizing profusely. He assures him it’s fine, swims a few more laps, then sneaks up on the boy and kisses him.

Tao pushes him back into the concrete, and his hard cock presses into Kyungsoo’s thigh. The elder fits his hand down Tao’s pants, grabs the wide girth of his member, and strokes him to full hardness.

He’s all breathy whimpers and desperate kisses as Kyungsoo jacks him off, coming into the water of the pool, Kyungsoo’s thumb swiping over the head, within minutes.

Tao falls in love with the graceful bends of Kyungsoo’s fingers and the elegant slopes of his wrists.


In the end, there are only twelve strings connected by chance meetings and fated encounters; swollen lips and hard cocks.

In the end, Kyungsoo always slips out the back door of their hearts, never to return again.
Tags: genre: slight!angst, genre: smut, length: oneshot, pairing: kyungsoo/everyone, rating: nc-17
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