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Drabble Dump 3

title: Classroom Etiquette
pairing: kai/kyungsoo
rating: nc-17
length: 905

"Please Jongin, I need you inside me," Kyungsoo cants backwards, sending his open ass higher in the air.

"Beg more," Jongin muses, running a finger down from the cleft of Kyungsoo's backside until it's sucked in by an insatiable heat.

"I need to feel your cock pounding into me," he tries again, moaning at the finger moving inside of him. "Please, right now."

"Oh baby, I've been waiting so long to hear that." Hot breath hits the side of his face, lips so close yet so far from his. "Now, have you been a good boy or a bad boy?"

"A bad boy, a very bad boy," Kyungsoo pants, then two more fingers are shoved into him simultaneously.

"Then you need to get punished, don't you?" Jongin brings his fingers out slowly, in such a tortuous manner, until the boy below him, bent over the wooden desk and completely on display, makes a loud keen from deep in his chest.

"I do, I do," he repeats like a mantra. Maybe it will make the painstaking process of foreplay go faster.

"And how will I punish you? Do you want me to fuck you raw, or do you want to choke on my cock?" Jongin removes his fingers and drags them against the skin now broken out in goosebumps. Kyungsoo is so beautiful like this, only needy for him.

"I want you to take me from behind," he replies, glancing up from being buried in piles of paper. Being mercilessly fucked raw is his favorite masochistic position. The fingers dancing on his skin feel so good and more blood rushes to his already hard length.

"Are you sure about that, Soo? You don't want me in front of you? Maybe I want to see your face. And you are getting punished, after all." Kyungsoo knows where this going. Jongin will do the opposite of what he asked; but maybe, just maybe, he knew that beforehand. Jongin moves from the side of the desk to the anterior, right where the smaller's head is positioned.

"I'll do anything you want me to." He feeds Jongin what he knows he wants to hear. Then lips are on his and a tongue is coming to play with Kyungsoo's, making him moan louder while a hand wraps around the back of his neck, lightly caressing and moving down the expanse of his back before coming up again and circling his throat.

Jongin takes takes a lip between his teeth and prolongs the kiss as he slowly pulls away, eyes still closed because the taste is so sweet. When he is satisfied with the pop! Kyungsoo makes when he finally pulls back far enough, he straightens up and tightens his hand. "Now suck."

Kyungsoo obeys immediately, the swollen head pushing past slick lips and shifting over an even smoother tongue. Jongin's cock sits hot and heavy in his mouth, veins pulsing dangerously fast. He moves his tongue a little to the side, taking pride in the groan that bounces off the walls of the room. Kyungsoo knows he likes it straight to the point, no teasing. So he does just that and wraps his tiny fingers around the bottom of the shaft, twisting one way while his lips sink lower.

Jongin moves slowly at first, rotating his hips until his member is hitting the back of Kyungsoo's throat. That's when he grabs the sides of his face and slams in, saliva already dripping down the smaller boy's chin, sputtering and gagging over the appendage blocking his airways. But he knows that's how Kyungsoo likes it, too. Rough and without any option to do otherwise; he loves being dominated and degraded. "Oh fuck, your mouth was made for this," he grunts and thrusts his hips harder.

The words send a jolt down Kyungsoo's spine, a throbbing ache between his legs that he had almost forgot about against his thigh. "Touch yourself," the man above him says breathlessly, and he definitely doesn't want to disagree. He grips his own cock hard, the dry friction creating a burn that feels so good, he can't help but moan over the cock creeping down his mouth, and he hollows his cheeks even more.

"Keep doing that," Jongin orders, taking one hand to the top of Kyungsoo's head and pulling up, moans spewing more profusely from the arousal of hair grabbing. "Look at me while you suck me dry," he commands again and two wide eyes look up at him instantly. Kyungsoo's lips are stretched far around him, entire body flushed from root to toes. He moans at the sight. Then Jongin notices the hand below him, tugging on his own hard member while looking him straight in the eyes. Nothing could turn him on more.

Jongin comes hard down the back of a tight throat, mouth opening in a silent scream and he clenches his fist harder, taking the soft black hair of the boy below him with it. Kyungsoo follows right after, thumbing over the slit of the tip of his head. The dick in his mouth goes flaccid, aftertaste of come being something he's used to but the texture isn't.

They stay in the same positions for a while, trying to catch their breath but it seems to keep running away, before Jongin mutters a quick, "get cleaned up and go to your class, baby. Lunch is almost over and I still have more students."

title: My Hyung
pairing: kai/kyungsoo
rating: nc-17 (warning: incest)
length: 829
summary: Jongin isn't supposed to feel this way when he sees Baekhyun hugging his hyung.

Jongin isn't supposed to feel this way when he sees Baekhyun hugging his hyung. He isn't supposed to feel something akin to an inferno of rage building in his system because that's his Kyungsoo. And someone who is merely a brother isn't supposed to be this protective. So that's why he doesn't cross the hall to where his brother's group of friends are separated from his. That's why he looks away and punches Minseok's shoulder harder than just teasing.

Kyungsoo is a senior while he is a sophomore, two different groups of friends and classes but they always carve out time to be with each other and throw cheeky compliments.

You look good today, hyung.

You saw me this morning, dumbass.

Hey, Jongin ah, your dancing was so awesome!

Thanks (cue blush).

He should be lucky that he's even in the same gene pool as Kyungsoo, who is perfect beyond perfection. He's smart, likable, funny, good looking, he can sing, and is irresistible. Jongin is just as lucky though, with great bone structure and the perfect body to dance; so he does, if only to keep up with Kyungsoo's standards.

Teachers are amazed at the pair of brothers, they are practically the model students with the top grades in their class. But their parents are even more proud, and allow them the freedom to do whatever- party, drink, go out with friends on a school night- so long as their grades and extracurricular activities stay in check.

But as he walks Kyungsoo home, the elder gushing about how his day has gone, all he can think of is that (fairly new) nagging thought: what if we were more? Is that even logical to think of between brothers?

Jongin decides to push it to the furthest corner of his mind for now, and drape his arm around around smaller shoulders because it's meant to be there.


"Hyung," Jongin calls out of his open door.

"What?" Comes the reply, easily heard since Kyungsoo's door is right in front of Jongin's.

"I need help with trigonometry!"

"Ew," he comes walking in regardless of his preference. "I hate that stuff. I was done and out by freshman year. Why are you just now taking it?"

"Well, unlike some people, I didn't become honors level until this year," he smiles as Kyungsoo stands by his side, already trying to decipher the problem.

"Oh, I know what you do," he shuffles closer and leans towards the paper, a finger tracing the black ink. He's so close that his familiar scent floods over Jongin like a tidal wave; one that he would love to drown in. "You use Pythagorean's theorem to find the sides, then you do that one formula that I can't think of right now." Jongin cuts his eyes sideways, not wanting his staring to be too obvious.

"And what about this one?"

"Well that one..." the words go in and out of his head, he's too busy staring at his hyung's lips that are so inviting to even begin to comprehend words. Without his consent, on it's own fucking accord, his body starts to move forward, and pretty soon his lips are on Kyungsoo's. He pulls back just after a peck, shocked at what he just did because, well, it isn't right. The elder's gobsmacked face sends a panicked feeling down his spine until it finally morphs into a smile. "Oh, Jongin ah, still need your goodnight kiss?"

Something in Jongin snaps. He doesn't want to be seen as that little boy anymore. He doesn't want to be seen as that kid who cried when he fell off his bike, the kid that still watches Spongebob because he thinks it's hilarious; the kid that's still too young to be a man. He wants to break the mold, and he knows actions speak louder than words.

Kyungsoo lets out a small squeak when Jongin reclaims his lips, pressing harder than before and curling a hand around his waist. If he didn't get it before, he definitely gets it now. "That's a bit excessive, don't you think?" He pulls back breathlessly, and Jongin tries again with a more desperate force, licking at his bottom lip until they're parted and he can finally taste his hyung.

The elder's moans encourage him to move further, so he walks until Kyungsoo's back hits the wall and is moving his hands around Jongin's torso with as much vigor as the younger is putting forth. There's a constant pressure on Jongin's chest though, pushing air until he can't bare to take another breath in. He has his get words out, and fast, before he suffocates. "I think I'm in love with you, hyung."

"Took you long enough. I've been trying to get you to kiss me for months now. I was beginning to think I was the only one fighting this battle," Kyungsoo responds with a smirk and attaches his lips to Jongin's neck.

Well, that was definitely unexpected.

title: Touch Me Over Here
pairing: kai/kyungsoo
rating: nc-17 (warning: bottom!jongin)
length: 933
summary: Kyungsoo thinks Jongin looks so fuckable with his new blond hair.

Kyungsoo thinks Jongin looks so fuckable with his new blond hair. His darker skin stands out against the bleached strands in a way that give him an ethereal glow. Kim Jongin looks perfect.

So when they get back to the dorm, only an hour of rest given because then they have to go back out for another interview, Kyungsoo makes his move.

He backs Jongin against the door, lips sucking the taut skin of his collarbones before attaching their lips in an opened mouth kiss. "What's got you so riled up?" Jongin jokes, words slurred because Kyungsoo has his bottom lip between his teeth and is smashing their bodies even closer together.

"You look so fucking good with that hair," is his reply, and they send a tendril of arousal down his belly to wrap around his cock.

"So what? Are you going to fuck me?"

It wouldn't be the first time Kyungsoo has topped, but they haven't done it that way in a long time either. It's going to painful and he needs to dance later, but then Kyungsoo is threading fingers through his locks and tugging and he's so turned on. "Yes. I'm going to fuck you so hard your natural hair color will come out."

Kyungsoo pushes him on the bed and straddles his waist, shirt coming off of himself before he undresses the boy below him. Clothes pile on the floor as more hickies are left on chests and abs and thighs. The lube is pulled from it's hiding place under the mattress and Kyungsoo is sucking Jongin's cock into his mouth at the same time a slick finger circles his entrance before pushing in.

He doesn't want to waste any of the time he has Jongin for himself, that finger soon thrusting and then adding another one. Jongin keens and whines from the pain, but they both know it feels oh so good and totally worth the questions they'll receive later. Their bodies are hot and pounding with lust, sweat already sliding down their necks and dripping onto the bedding. They'll have to take a shower later to avoid greasy hair and stylist noona's glares.

"I don't care anymore, Soo, just fuck me already," he groans, the suction around his length really too much to deal with. He'll come before they've even gotten to the good part.

"Are you sure baby?" His tongue takes one last swipe at the bottom of the head before he pops off with a lewd sound. "I don't want to hurt you." Always the ever-caring boyfriend.

"You're hurting me by not doing anything," he whimpers, the fingers inside him still and all the more troubling.

"Okay, pushy," Kyungsoo smirks before pouring more gel over his dick and crawling over the younger. "You ready?"

"Jesus, just get in--"

A strangled mess of words cuts him off as Kyungsoo enters him, thick cock making all coherency fly out of his brain. He doesn't give himself time to adjust before he wraps his legs around the other's waist and pushes him in deeper.

"Fuck I forgot how tight you are."

They set a steady rhythm, Kyungsoo rutting his hips quick and deep, angling himself differently every couple of minutes to try and find that spot. He kisses Jongin hard, tongues meeting and licking their way to each other. It doesn't hurt either, or that could just be because Kyungsoo is serving as a great distraction with one hand rubbing circles over his nipples.

"Harder," Jongin moans eventually, teeth clenched in frustration from not enough friction.

Kyungsoo sits back, hands falling to his waist as he thrusts harder, hips hitting the tops of thighs and the beautiful sound of skin slapping skin being drowned out by their moans. The smaller draws out even more sounds when his hand wraps around Jongin's member twitching against his stomach.

When Kyungsoo pulls out, Jongin almost cries. But then he's being flipped onto his stomach with a harsh command of get on all fours. He does as instructed, shamelessly waving his ass in the air as an invitation to be fucked. Kyungsoo enjoys the view a little too much, hand still ready to reenter Jongin from the back.

"Hyung, please," he begs, carting his hips back even further.

"That's right," Kyungsoo snaps out of his reverie and slaps a palm to Jongin's backside, "beg."

Kyungsoo fucks him even harder then, strong hands leading him forward then slamming him back on his dick. Jongin's arms shake and he drops to his elbows, head buried in his forearms as he feels fingers trailing up his back, making him shiver. Kyungsoo admires the blond mane before he's scrunching them in his fingers and yanking them as hard as he can.

Jongin's head comes flying back, sparks of arousal shooting down his body, so he takes his hand to his cock and strokes. Kyungsoo kisses the small of his back and hammers into him harder, holding his hair and enjoying the view. Jongin knows he can't hold himself back anymore as the blunt tip of his cock hits that one spot they've been looking for all along.

They both come shortly, spurts of white covering linens and insides, smooth walls being stained and tainted again. Jongin squeezes hard around him, milking anything and everything from his hyung. They collapse onto the bed, sticky come covering his back and leaking down his leg, but it's all okay once he takes Kyungsoo in his arms again and presses a kiss into his sweaty hairline.

"We should do this more often."

"As often as you have blond hair."

title: Pop, Lock, and Drop
pairings: ot12
rating: pg-13
length: 552

One day, Jongin got braids...

"Wow, dude. Not even Korean anymore, you are black," Lay says.

"I hope his dick is as big," Kyungsoo mutters under his breath.

"I feel... different," Jongin announces.

"How?" Sehun questions.

"I feel the need to, how should I say, shake my butt."

"What?" The others all ask in unison.

"It's like I can hear the music inside my head," his hip twitches in his seat.

Luhan gets up and goes over to the stereo on the other side of the stylist's room and turns on some ghetto English song that none of them would be able to name. Jongin automatically gets up from his seat and pops his hips back. With his new hairstyle, there is no waist injury. Next, his left butt cheek bounces, then his right. They continue until they are both popping at random intervals, and sometimes in sync. Kyungsoo has to hide in the back of the room so no one will see the tent forming in his pants.

"It's like the music makes my body move on it's own!" He says excitedly.

"This looks too fun not to join," Jongdae gets to the impromptu dance floor and snaps his back a few times experimentally.

"Tao has a nice ass, make him do it," Kris says.

With no persuasion at all, Tao jumps into a split, flexing his gluteus medias to make his butt jiggle. Sehun has to join Kyungsoo. Eventually, all of Exo adheres to the fun, even Sehun and Kyungsoo's boners are flapping around in their sweatpants.

"TWERK COMPETITION!" Minseok suddenly yells out.

Immediately, all the dancers disperse to opposite sides of the stereo, leaving Jongin and Tao in the middle. Jongin goes first, jerking his hips back and forth violently. He even puts his hands on the small of his back to make his butt pop out more. When the song changes, and Jongin is panting with the muscles in his back twitching tiredly, Tao starts.

At first, he starts slowly with his legs spread wide and thigh muscles swinging forward then back slowly. His pace gets faster, though, and soon he's doing a handstand against the railing, popping his dick on the wall. Baekhyun gasps. Chanyeol stares hard. Luhan gets out his phone.

"I think we know who won," Junmyeon states with his mouth agape.

"Awh," Jongin pouts. He worked hard!

"Don't worry," Kyungsoo whispers to him. "We can twerk it out in our room later, all night long." He brightens at the prospect.

"Congrats," Kris appears and smacks the winners butt.

"You can see my belated show," Tao smirks back.

"Are you going to show me that video later, hyung?" Sehun smiles widely at Luhan.

"We're putting it on his fucking weibo," he laughs wickedly.

"So you were impressed, huh?" Lay walks up to their leader.

"That was admittedly very good," Junmyeon says back. "But I can do better."

"Are you still staring at that same spot?" Baekhyun frowns.

"I-I'm amazed. Can you do that? You need to do that," Chanyeol replies without blinking or moving his eyes.

"You know you were the catalyst to all of this," Minseok shuns as they walk out of the salon.

"I know. Twerking rocks, doesn't it?" Jongdae smiles wickedly.

The day Jongin got braids was admittedly the best day ever.

title: Happy Birthday
pairing: luhan/minseok
rating: nc-17 (warning: rimming)
length: 791

"Happy birthday cutie," Minseok smiles as he smears a little bit more frosting on Luhan's face.

"Whatever," he sticks his tongue out in retaliation.

Their friends had just left, more than intoxicated enough to kill a small elephant. But Luhan was pretty buzzed himself, so he wasn't complaining. And now they stand in the kitchen, debating internally whether to finish off the cake or muster up the energy to put it away. One of them has more interesting ideas.

"You look pretty delicious right now, actually," Minseok looks at him with lidded eyes, sizing him up by the tiniest detail; from the glare on his shiny lips to the way those skinny jeans stretch over his thighs. While Luhan is distracted with the small piece of cake on his thumb, he sticks out his tongue and takes a tentative lick at the younger's face.

"What was that for?" He asks with wide eyes.

"You look good enough to eat," is all Minseok replies. He trails his tongue down then, from the skin in front of Luhan's ear to the middle of his neck, and sucks a harsh patch. The red blooms so beautifully on his white neck. Then small hands hands come around his neck, pulling him further into the flushed skin.

"Fuck me," Luhan pants, and moves deft hands to finger off the elder's jacket. The rest of their clothes come off in a blur: a shirt there, two belts here, until Luhan's staring at the expanse of a happy trail leading to where boxers cover. He immediately reaches out to tug them off, but is stopped by Minseok.

"No, no, birthday boy. I'll handle everything, you just lean back and relax." Luhan obeys and leans over the counter, resting the flats of his palms against the granite while he bevels his hips upwards, displaying what Minseok wants to see the most. "Hmm," he mumbles, "I wonder what else tastes great."

The younger all but screams when something wet laps from middle of his back and down, down, down, until it's on pink and relaxed skin. Eventually, after tasting and teasing a little more than Luhan would like at this point, he goes for his entrance. A gasp of Minseok's name leaves his mouth when the tongue plunges in deeper, thrusting in and out, hot breath hitting the skin around it.

"More," he pleads breathlessly, squirming against the hard surface that's digging red lines into his skin.

"Be patient," Minseok takes a firmer hold on each cheek and spreads him open further, pouting his lips and sucking on the skin around his tongue.

Then he adds a finger to the mix, thrusting it in time with his mouth until he feels it's safe to add a second. Luhan is so warm, like he has an internal furnace within that runs for him and him only. He can't wait anymore to be inside.

"Are you ready?" He asks, but doesn't wait for an answer as he leaves the room for lube. There's a passing idea that he could use the cake's icing... But he dismisses that. It would be such a mess.

Luhan doesn't feel a need to answer, either, as he waits for Minseok to return so he can finally be filled. His cock is so full of coiled tension that he's sure every time it rubs against the smooth cabinets below that he'll come. There is no warning, he didn't even hear footsteps, when a cold length is shoved into him, hitting that spot dead on and he really does come, with an embarrassing whine. The stretch still kills him, even with the blinding bliss of his orgasm.

But Minseok doesn't stop, just keeps thrusting harder and harder. Luhan's libido rises again, maybe from alcohol or maybe because they haven't done this in a while. Then he stops, flips Luhan over so that he's sitting on the dirtied counter, and kisses him hard while reentering. He feels relieved to be off of his stomach, but he's sure the marks will be there for while.

When Minseok rolls his nipple between warm fingers, Luhan comes with another, not so embarrassed, cry. The elder comes too from the hard clenching around his cock, his movements still as he moans Luhan's name over and over again. Minseok's knees buckle with soft crack and he turns around, sliding slowly down to the floor until it cushions his ass. Luhan follows, slipping off the counter and stretching his legs in front of him.

"I love you," Luhan bumps their shoulders together.

"I love you more," Minseok wraps an arm around him and kisses his cheek. Luhan scrunches his nose in mock-disgust. "How'd you like my birthday present?"

"What was that?"

"Multiple orgasms."

"Shut up."
Tags: length: drabbles, pairing: kai/kyungsoo, pairing: luhan/minseok, pairing: ot12, rating: nc-17, rating: pg-13
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