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Drabble Dump 9

title: The President’s Son
pairing: kris/kyungsoo
rating: nc-17 (warning: toy usage)
length: 1,576
summary: Kris has been Kyungsoo’s bodyguard for the past three months, and it is pure torture.

Kris has been Kyungsoo’s bodyguard for the past three months, and it is pure torture.

Do Kyungsoo— son of the president, recently appointed ambassador, and frequent orphanage-visitor. That Kyungsoo. The one that the press thinks is squishy and cuddly and all rainbow, sunshine, shits and giggles.

No. Just no.

He is a demon. He is sin wrapped up in milky white flesh and red bow lips followed by the not-so-subtle curve of a thoroughly-used ass.

"Kris," he moans out, and the bodyguard has to clench his eyes shut at the sight before him.

It had been assigned to him immediately after the president was in office, because Kris is the best in the business, and he took it. He was given the night shift, many assassinations happening at night when the perpetrator would sneak into the victim’s room with a gun, but Kris isn’t going to let that happen. Two nights in, standing guard at the bedroom door which is locked, he glances around the room before his eyes land back on the supposedly sleeping figure.

Then the boy had slipped out of the covers, beckoning for his bodyguard to come over to him but was rejected. It’s my job to stand guard, Mr. Do, he had explained, and Kyungsoo pouted, not used to not getting what he wants. With the small lamp on his bedside table turned on, Kyungsoo had slipped his hand into his pajama pants and jacked himself off while maintaining eye-contact with Kris.

This happens every night.

Kris has an amazing around of self control, clasping his hands together in front of him so that the other can’t see the bulge forming in his black slacks. Yes, Do Kyungsoo is purely sinful, sucking on his fingers and screaming loud enough for it to ring in Kris’ ears as he steps in the shower after his shift is over at 9 a.m. and his hand trails down to his erection.

But tonight is different, because instead of just exposing himself through his pants, Kyungsoo completely strips down, practically putting on a show by shimming out of everything. He’s already hard, Kris can tell that much, as he reaches into a drawer and pulls something plastic and shiny out along with a bottle.

"What do you think you’re doing, Mr. Do?" Kris warns in a low voice, hands again clasped together.

Kyungsoo makes himself comfortable on his bed, legs spread open lewdly and hands playing with his toy before he answers. “Since you’re not going to fuck me, I’ll do it myself.” And then he’s brings the vibrator to his mouth, slipping it past his lips and closing his eyes in pleasure.

Kris watches him move the device in and out of his mouth, sucking it like it can actually feel the pleasure that he deserves. He can practically feel that soft tongue kneading over his engorged flesh like it’s the real thing, and Kyungsoo looks like he sucks cock like a pornstar. Kris has had to sit through this every single night he’s here, why doesn’t he get the pleasure? Because this is his job, he reminds himself.

Then the vibrator is spilling from his lips, and Kyungsoo douses it in a good amount of lube before guiding it between his legs and pushing it in in one go. “I stretched my—self earlier,” he explains breathily, voice cracking in the middle. “I fingered myself in the bathroom— imagining that it was you instead.” He’s pumping in and out as he speaks, red hole puckered and greedily sucking in the plastic.

Kris has had enough. He’s tired of his own hand, of sitting through this torture and the bedroom eyes Kyungsoo throws at him when they sometimes have to sit through security meetings together. He strides across the room after making 100% sure that the door is locked and grabs Kyungsoo’s hair by the back of his head and hard.

The younger actually looks scared as he drags him closer, vibrator abandoned as Kris shoves his face in his crotch. “Well?” He booms when Kyungsoo makes no move to do anything, then a sudden sly grin taking over his features. He removes Kris’ belt and pants deftly, dropping them to his ankles and the grip on his head tightens. “Suck.”

And Kyungsoo is not one to be disobedient. His lips immediately wrap around the head, tongue darting out to the slit to taste the sticky beads of precome. Kris has a particular musk that is fucking delicious, and he thinks he could drink it in for the rest of his life. His head is pushed and he’s taking the rest in his mouth, bobbing shallowly until Kris is bucking up into him.

He hums over the length, letting his mouth be fucked good and raw and his scalp burn from his hair being pulled. He’ll definitely be sore tomorrow but he won’t regret a thing. He’s been dying to be used by his bodyguard since forever ago and he isn’t going to let this time go to waste before they both realize what a mistake this is. This could ruin both of their careers but the lust is overpowering their brains and they literally can’t think straight.

As he’s sucking the elder off, he reaches behind him and thrusts the vibrator in and out of him, moaning even louder and thanking their founding fathers that the walls in this house are thick as hell. The tip of the toy reaches easily to his prostate, nestled against it gently but he wants something bigger and better. Kyungsoo takes the cock farther down his throat and swallows, the hoarse groans of Kris filling up the room, then pulls off of him. “I want you to fuck me.”

"Whatever the boss wants," Kris replies in a rush, stripping the rest of his clothes because he wants this so much it hurts, his dick paying the price.

Kyungsoo splays his legs open again, hands hooking under his knees so he can pull them back until everything is completely on display. Kris removes the toy, lubes up his cock, and leans over the pliant body to smash their lips together in a searing kiss that burns so hot he can’t possibly pull away so soon. “Please please please,” Kyungsoo chants against his lips, hips lifting to try and meet his member.

"Beg for it," Kris teases. "I know you want it. Tell me how much."

"Please," he cries out, "I want to have your cock fill me and pounding into me until I can’t even walk, until the bed is broken and the walls are smashed in. Please fuck me hard, Kris, please. I’ve wanted it so bad for so long."

Another pang of heated arousal zips down Kris’ belly, down to his dick, and he can’t take it anymore. He leads himself into Kyungsoo with one hand, the other on his jaw to steady Kyungsoo’s head in their bruising kiss. The younger lets out a gasp of pleasure and it isn’t even thirty seconds before he’s pulling his legs back even further to touch his chest, practically folded in half.

"Faster please," he asks nicely, and Kris actually chuckles a little before speeding up his pace, pressing the small boy down into the mattress. He can’t believe this is happening. He’s actually fucking the president’s son. Holy crap. Could he get arrested for this? No, probably not, but he could get fired. Though that doesn’t matter when he’s watching the way his length disappears only to reemerge again and again out of a stretched pink hole.

"You’re so fucking sexy, Kyungsoo," Kris actually growls, ramming into him harder and hitting a spot that makes Kyungsoo absolutely scream. A hand covers his mouth because he’s supposed to be guarding the president’s son and that would definitely draw suspicion.

When they’ve exhausted themselves— positions switched to Kyungsoo bent over the bed and Kris’ hands on his hips, keeping his hips still as he thrusts hard and fast— the coil in their belly winds tight enough and they finally explode. It’s Kris who comes first, lips pressed into Kyungsoo’s spine and with a long moan of his name. The latter comes with a hand fisted around his cock and onto his bed sheets.

They fall into silence comfortably, Kris taking a minute to regain his breath before slowly getting dressed again, heart finally beating regularly by the time he’s knotting his tie. “You aren’t going to sleep with me?” Kyungsoo asks with a pout from where he’s sitting cross-legged on his bed, still in all his naked glory.

"I’m still on the job, remember?" he shrugs, about to turn and walk back to his spot by the door but then Kyungsoo is suddenly right in front of him, tugging him down by his tie and kissing him sweetly, not at all the passionate way it was just a few minutes before.

"Don’t fuck any of your other clients, okay?" Kyungsoo’s breath glosses over his face and he dumbly nods, too intoxicated by plump, kiss-swollen lips.

"Can I ask the same of you?"

Kyungsoo doesn’t reply, just laughs airily before turning around and diving under his covers after he turns off the light. Kris resumes his place by the door and watches his bare shoulders rise and fall, thinking of how beautiful it is, and hoping he isn’t getting himself into something he won’t be able to see himself out of.

title: Beer Pong
pairing: ot12
rating: pg-13
length: 1,384
summary: This is what happens when you give Jongin a fake I.D.

It’s usual for all of the guys to gather at Kris’ house on Saturday nights and just hang out, but that was before there was beer involved. Kris’ parents aren’t home today and Jongin just got a fake I.D. so he decided to test it out at the liquor store. It worked, apparently.

"Holy shit," Chanyeol curses when he sees the boxes of cans Jongin is hauling in secretly, deciding to help him out to save time. "How did you get all of these?"

"Don’t worry about it," Jongin whispers back, setting the last box down and wiping the nonexistent sweat from his forehead. "That’s the last of them." He bought four twelve-packs so that everyone could have a good amount of drinks. God knows he wants to get shitfaced tonight. Exams are over and school doesn’t matter anymore. It’s officially summer!

"Jongin ah, what are those?" Minseok pokes his head into the living room from the basement where the rest of the guys are, presumably.

"This is our ticket to a fun night."

"What even," Jongdae deadpans when the room is settled, four sets of cans laying in the middle of the floor. "Are you, like, trying to get us all in trouble?"

"I don’t know," Tao shrugs. "I think this will be fun."

"I think we should play a drinking game!" Baekhyun cheers, and of course Chanyeol nods along, agreeing to whatever his friend suggests.

"Like what?" Lay asks, rubbing his chin pensively, and everybody is glad he’s just paying attention for once in his life.

"Beer pong!" Luhan shouts excitedly, pumping his fist in the air and Sehun has to bring it back down before he accidentally punches someone with it. "I used to watch my friends play it back in China, but I never joined in because I was too young. But now that all of us are more or less of age, we should do it! Kris, you have a ping pong table right?"

"Yeah, whatever," Kris sighs in defeat, looking at the smiles on everyone’s faces and figuring it’s a majority vote.

Luhan sets the game up: six cups filled halfway with beer on each side and a small bucket of clean water to the side. “We can’t have tainted beer,” he explains, smiling to the crowd he’s gathered as he runs around the room. “Since I set it up, I choose who goes first. Junmyeon and Lay, you’re up! Everybody will play by the end of the night!”

"B-But I’ve never drank before," Junmyeon shyly speaks up.

"Me either," Lay shrugs.

"I don’t think any of us have gotten drunk before," Jongdae confirms, looking around the room and taking a general consensus.

"Whatever, play the game," Jongin says. "This is a great opportunity to see what type of drunk each of us are."

"Type of drunk?" Kyungsoo asks confusedly.

"Yeah," he throws an arm around the elder’s shoulder, "like Chanyeol here looks like a mad drunk, you know? Baekhyun looks like a talker. Kris looks like a rapist."


"Can we get on with the game?" Sehun deadpans.

Junmyeon and Lay take their positions at the end of the table, looking apprehensive but Luhan is quick to wave it away. “Okay, so you can either lob the ball, which is throwing is straight into the cup, which is worth one drink because it’s pretty easy, or bounce it, which is worth two drinks. Play fair, everybody. No swatting the ball or shit like that. It’s also cheating if the ball lands between two cups and you blow it in.”

"Jesus grant me the strength to beat this heathen," Junmyeon whispers with a straight face before randomly tossing the ball and hoping for a miracle.

He does end up lobbing the ball into the cup, then bouncing the second one somewhere on Tao’s lap. Lay bounces one into his cup and the other on the rim. Lay finishes chugging two cups and Junmyeon one, the rest of their friends cheering loudly in the back.

Chanyeol and Baekhyun go next, the two with absolutely determined faces on. Chanyeol gets two lobbed balls in the same cup and Luhan tells them that means he has to take three cups. Baekhyun only gets one bounced ball into Chanyeol’s. Three to two, Baekhyun to Chanyeol.

Jongin and Kyungsoo are up then, pushing away a Junmyeon who feels sick. Jongin lobs two drinks and Kyungsoo ends up lucky, lobbing two balls in the same cup. Three to two, Jongin to Kyungsoo.

Tao and Kris look determined to beat each other. With precise movements, Tao bounces two balls into the same cup and Luhan screams that that’s worth four cups. Kris, with his giant and clumsy hands, only lobs one ball in. “Loser,” Tao scoffs at him when Kris almost chokes on his third cup.

Minseok and Jongdae don’t make it very interesting, only lobbing one ball each and they drink their half-cup with no qualms, quite liking the bitter taste of the drink.

Sehun and Luhan are last, not as competitive as the others and they manage to get two drinks each. “Good game,” Luhan clamps his hand on Sehun’s shoulder as they sit back on the couch, a cup in hand as they sit back on the couch and watch their friends unravel before their eyes.

"Hey Jun," Lay calls out from where he’s sprawled on the floor. "Come sit on my back."


"So that my back will crack."

"Okay." Junmyeon stumbles his way over from his spot of the recliner which is immediately taken by Kyungsoo.

Lay is the type of drunk who gets all health-guru suddenly, wanting to cleanse his aura because he thinks it’s bad right now. Junmyeon, on the other hand, just wants to please whoever he’s talking to, Luhan notices.

"Was that really your spine?" Junmyeon asks once he’s plopped down on the boy and several cracks resonate around them.


"Hyung," Jongin whines like a child. "Why did you leave me?"

"I just wanted to sit down," he replies quietly, soaking in the atmosphere.

"Then can I sit down too?"

Kyungsoo shrugs in reply, not expecting Jongin to actually sit on him. “Ya, what are you doing?” But he didn’t just sit down, no. He straddled him.

"Hyung," Jongin says much less playfully, "will you come somewhere with me?"


Jongin smiles and laces their fingers together, getting up from the very intimate position and leading him to the stairs that leads to the upstairs… where the bedrooms are.

Luhan shakes his head, he never expected Jongin to be that kind of drunk, but he hopes it makes them spill their feelings for each other. Everyone knows they’ve been harboring secret feelings for each other for forever.

Chanyeol and Baekhyun are in the corner of the room playing slaps. Competitive drunks. But it’s kind of stupid because they’re both inebriated so their reflexes are slowed down and there is no way in hell that Baekhyun is ever going to move his hands away fast enough.

"Goddammit Chanyeol!" Baekhyun screeches before reaching his hand out and hitting the taller’s cheek.

"Did you just slap me?" Chanyeol asks, stunned.

"Well I didn’t just give you a handjob, did I?"

"You could."

"Or I could punch you in the dick."

"Okay, truce."

Sehun smiles at the two of them before Luhan is tapping his shoulder and pointing to the other corner of the room where Tao and Kris are engaged in a rather heated make out session.

"I’m topping tonight," Tao claims loud enough for the entire room to hear, and Sehun purses his lips in amusement, trying not to laugh when Luhan snorts.

Minseok and Jongdae are in the middle of the room, staring eerily into each other’s eyes like they’re in the middle of a no-blinking contest. The only movements they make are when they bring the cup of beer to their mouth and swallow, but not once do they break eye contact.

"Hey," Luhan nudges his elbow against Sehun’s. "Wanna kiss?"

"Sure," Sehun shrugs nonchalantly, pressing his lips against the elder’s and trying not to notice the painful palpitations of his heart against his ribs.

And that is what you get when you mix alcohol with twelve teenage boy and a parental-free household.

title: Detention
pairing: kai/kyungsoo
rating: nc-17
length: 1,250
summary: People who go to detention are infamous.

The hall to detention is deserted, not a soul in sight or a breath heard besides Kyungsoo’s. Though people who go to detention are infamous, and, not to brag or anything, Kyungsoo is somewhat infamous, he doesn’t regret cussing that teacher out. She was calling him out on things he didn’t do, and accusing him of stealing Jiho’s wallet was the last straw. She needed to be put in her place.

The teacher isn’t surprised to see him, either from the phone call she probably received or by how many times he’s been in this same room, sat at the same seat, and given the same essay to write: why did you come to detention, and what can you do to make sure you never have detention again? Maybe if the teachers weren’t such biased bigots I would not return, he writes ruefully, making sure to write out everything in neat cursive and with perfect grammar. He may be a ‘trouble child’, but he isn’t stupid.

He sits around the rest of the time, lolling his head until the door opens with a bang and a lanky student with a mop of brown hair and tanned skin comes walking through, throwing his write-up slip on the teacher’s desk without a care in the world and slinging a chair back on the other side of the room to sit in. Kyungsoo gives an approving look to the apathetic kid, who he thinks he remembers as being a junior, one grade below him.

The teacher indignantly leaves, like she does every day at twelve for forty-five minutes on her lunch break. She’s supposed to get another teacher to watch them, but her lazy ass would rather leave them to their own devices. How much trouble could just two students stir up anyway?

"Hey," Kyungsoo calls out after five minutes, turning around to see the guy working diligently on his essay.

"What?" He replies inquisitively, not at all the rude heathen that walked through the door just before.

"What’s your name?" The senior asks, eyes raking over thick lips and a curved nose that fit too perfect on a squared face.

"J-Jongin," Jongin says, head bowed from a wandering gaze.

"You’re pretty cute, Jongin," Kyungsoo tells him honestly, liking the direction this seems to be headed when Jongin gets rid of the shy act and lets a smirk work its way across his lips.

"I could say the same about you, Do Kyungsoo."

Kyungsoo’s eyebrows lift at that, pulling himself up from his chair to walk to the junior who’s still sitting straight in his chair. “How’d you know my name?” He whispers as he leans over the front of the desk, elbows rested on it’s flat surface and Jongin’s breath on his fingers as he runs soft fingertips over his lips.

"I may have been watching you for a while," he retorts, voice also a whisper, mouth moving against Kyungsoo’s hand.

"Define a while," Kyungsoo bites his lip to suppress a grin.

"Since you came to deliver papers to my ninth grade science class," Jongin exhales heavily when those fingers travel to his jaw and slightly squeeze. "And I think I fell in love with you when I saw you sucking Sehun’s dick behind the school."

Kyungsoo grins meekly at that, closing the gap between them and immediately letting his tongue slip past Jongin’s open lips. Their tongues roll over each other’s, Jongin leaning in for more with calloused digits running through red strands. Jongin stands up silently, dragging the smaller with him until Kyungsoo’s back hits the teacher’s desk.

"I think I fell in love with you," the senior gasps into the kiss when traveling hands find their way to his ass and grope, "when I found you dancing in that old studio to some slow song."

Jongin pulls back from the kiss just to smile, hands grasping the backs of Kyungsoo’s thighs to lift him onto the desk and fit himself between open legs. Kyungsoo’s head lolls when hot swaths of a tongue roll against his neck, only departing to lift both of their shirts over their heads but still continue to suck angry red bruises when pants shimmy down and onto the floor. Jongin leaves his on, three fingers shoved in Kyungsoo’s mouth before he inserts one between his legs.

Saliva should never be used as lube. Kyungsoo finds that out when his backside burns like hell, two fingers in and scissoring. He masks the pain with Jongin’s lips, shoving them against his collarbones so that the junior can’t see his expression. Three fingers curl to hit a spot in him that he knew was there and waiting to be scraped against, and Jongin finally resurfaces for breath only to pull his hard cock out of his pants deftly and spit into his palm.

"This is going to hurt," he apologizes beforehand, leading his still length in slowly as to not cause anymore damage that he already has.

Kyungsoo groans at the agony, not because it hurts, but because he likes the way shivers rip through his skin and how Jongin kisses him tenderly to ease the process. Jongin tries his hardest— his absolute hardest— not to just say screw it to Kyungsoo’s feelings and plow him into the ground, and he manages to succeed, still containing himself when the other lets out a broken, “move.”

The senior doesn’t settle for a slow pace for long, and is soon demanding for Jongin to go harder, faster, to fuck him until he can’t walk for a week and to show everybody who ruined him. Jongin’s teeth dig into the skin of his bare shoulder, making Kyungsoo cry out and cant his hips for more friction. He gives it to the smaller, hooking the backs of his knees over sweaty arms to pound into him easier. The angle is perfect to hit his prostate, and Kyungsoo finds himself falling backward to make the head of his cock press against it harder, pushing over papers and picture frames in the process. (But he really couldn’t care less, because this is the best fuck of his life.)

Jongin eventually grows weary, and he lets Kyungsoo’s legs fall as he shuffles awkwardly over to the teacher’s chair and sits down. Kyungsoo follows blindly, vision still sporting black holes, and sits almost innocently in Jongin’s lap, kissing him chastely. “Ride me, baby,” Jongin all but demands, and the senior wastes no time in grabbing the still hard cock and leading it into him.

Kyungsoo rides him until they both come, Jongin’s big hand wrapped around his dick to tug until white is flowing over his brown knuckles and Jongin’s hips still from meeting Kyungsoo halfway in thrusts as he releases into the smaller, face contorted beautifully into pleasure. Their highs take a while to die down, but when it does, they scramble to clean themselves and the room up, the clock one minute before their teacher is bound to return, like she does every day, fifteen minutes later than she should.

Jongin manages to slip his number into Kyungsoo’s pocket as well as a kiss on his lips before they fling themselves into their seats, chests heaving for all different kinds of reasons, right as their teacher walks through the door.

"I hope you two didn’t misbehave," she says in a sneer.

Kyungsoo and Jongin share an almost knowing look, Kyungsoo sending the other a wink before they reply in unison, “we didn’t.”

title: Drown In You
pairing: kai/kyungsoo
rating: pg-13
length: 1,165
summary: In which Kyungsoo is the lifeguard that guards Jongin’s life. But not really.
note: may or may not be based off that one scene from the Sandlot.

Jongin is eleven, two seasons away from twelve, when Kyungsoo is seventeen. He knows this because he might have done some extensive research, which means trying to get as many answers out of his older brother Junmyeon without seeming too suspicious. (He has to do a month’s worth of laundry that isn’t his to do, but it’s worth it because now he knows that Kyungsoo is a year under his brother and completely and totally gay.)

But Jongin himself isn’t gay. No. He just has a minor crush on another boy that he will probably never have a shot at. Maybe he’s bisexual. He doesn’t know. He hasn’t even hit puberty yet.

He hasn’t even had his first kiss.

But today he plans to change that.

See, Kyungsoo is also the lifeguard for the local pool for the summer, just like he’s been doing since he was fifteen, two years ago when Jongin first met him. What a wonderful summer that was, stalking a high schooler secretly and dropping candies by his chair when he went for a bathroom break to try and coax him into falling for his secret admirer.

And yet Kyungsoo doesn’t know of his existence.

So here he sits, another summer wasted tanning his skin under a hot sun that still manages to leave the rest of the kids white, with his brother flirting with some girls (or maybe they’re just pretty guys), and his cousin Taemin by his side, straw between the elder’s thick lips as the two kick their feet aimlessly in the water.

Jongin can’t keep his eyes from Kyungsoo’s pale body, continuous sun doing no good in darkening him, but it does manage to put a certain sparkle in his eyes that the young boy wants to see up close, wants to decipher why it’s there, and why Kyungsoo seems to be the only glittering thing, the only thing that stands out to Jongin in a sea of bright things, a sea of other bodies, a sea of people who aren’t what he’s looking at.

"Hey," Taemin nudges him softly when he sees his cousin is lost in that weird world he doesn’t understand. Something along the lines of forbidden fascination and bordering infatuation. "You still like the lifeguard?"

"W-Well," Jongin stutters back, caught off-guard, "I wouldn’t say like—”

"Stop denying it, Jongin," he smirks back, flicking some water onto Jongin with his toe. "Do you like him or not?"

"Yeah," the younger replies silently, knowing that he can’t lie to the boy who he’s known all his life. "I like him a lot."

"Do you want to kiss him?" Taemin teases, eyebrows jumping up and down, and he laughs hard when he receives a hard push from the other boy.

"Shut up! I do not want to do that!” He hisses in a whisper, like the word is a sin and he’s in the middle of a church.

"Really? Because I can get him to kiss you."


"But if you don’t want to kiss him," Taemin shrugs, picking at his fingernails, mentally smirking in victory when he sees his cousin’s wide eyes.

"M-Maybe," Jongin breathes out briefly, wringing his hands together since he doesn’t have a shirt to fist.

"Maybe what?"

"M-Maybe… maybe I want to kiss him."

"You really want to kiss him?"


"Good," Taemin smiles and motions him closer, cupping a hand around his mouth and whispering the plan he’s come up with in the last five minutes.

"But I’m a good swimmer!" Jongin interrupts, earning himself a smack in the back of his head before Taemin goes back to whispering, Jongin nodding every now and then. "That actually… sounds like a good plan," he compliments hesitantly, standing up without prompting and walking over to the deep end of the pool where the lifeguard’s station is and standing behind the queue of people waiting to get on the diving board.

Taemin grins and shakes his head from where he’s at, and thanks every deity in the world that his cousin is naive and lovestruck. The perfect combination.

When it’s Jongin’s turn to jump, he does it without hesitation, nerves biting him in the ass already at what he’s about to do. His body hits the water like a block of ice, and he lets himself sink, not bothering to kick up like he normally would. Breath held and eyes clenched shut, Jongin waits.

Kyungsoo dives in sooner than he thought he would, strong hands lifting him by his armpits to the surface but Jongin keeps up the facade, keeps his chest still, tries his hardest not breathe, but the hardest is trying not to smile simply because Kyungsoo is touching him, Kyungsoo is saving him, Kyungsoo dived in just for him.

Taemin had told him that the first part to CPR on a child is giving them mouth-to-mouth, and when Kyungsoo covered his lips with his own, that was his chance to pounce.

Jongin does just that, waiting until Kyungsoo is immersed in the routine of holding his nose and blowing to clap a hand against the back of the elder’s head and hold him there, readjusting their position until their lips fit together in a (forceful, struggling) perfect kiss.

By the time Kyungsoo manages to push him off, a tongue pushing against the seam of his lips, his face is beat red and everyone around them is either gaping or laughing, and he gets a hard— really fucking hard— smack to the side of his head, and Jongin figures the headache is worth it because he just gave Kyungsoo his first kiss, and he’ll own it forever.

Taemin tugs him up quickly before Kyungsoo can start yelling at them, beating them, calling their parents, or something of the sort, and they manage to get out of the gate just in time to spot Junmyeon running after them, yelling his head off about how now they’re banned from the pool until they get a new lifeguard next summer. Because Kyungsoo is going to college, and maybe that was also a sort of catalyst to get Jongin to make a move. He was running out of time.

And even after his butt is welted from his whippings and he gets an earful from Do Kyungsoo himself, he still knows it was worth it, and that Lee Taemin is an absolute genius.

(Several years down the road, Jongin doesn’t have to trick Kyungsoo into kissing him; just presses his lips to the elder’s when they’re alone in the classroom or when Jongin pulls him into a storage closet between classes, Kyungsoo on his way to go teach English and Jongin on his way to learn his math so he will be able to graduate. It’s not the ideal relationship, but neither of them mind, smiles wide as hands wander and staplers fall to the ground.)

(Oh yeah, and Lee Taemin is not and never will be a genius. (Ever.))

title: Burning Flame
pairing: kai/kyungsoo
rating: nc-17
length: 1,358
summary: It’s amazing the way they still hold that flame for each other even after all these years.

"Hakyeon, dad needs you to put that vase down right now, okay?" Kyungsoo smiles kindly, but it masks the inferno of rage consuming his insides. "Jaehwan, stop pouring milk over your head, please!"

"But it feels so good!" The four year old replies, and Kyungsoo would sob into his hands if he didn’t need to watch Hakyeon threatening to drop a vase on the tile floor. A fucking five year old, who does he think he is?

One would think that he would be able to keep his own kids in line, and he usually does with soft spoken commands and gently explaining to them what they did wrong and why they shouldn’t do it again, but Jongin decided that he wanted to give the kids their own chocolate bars before he went to work and left his husband to deal with the aftermath. Kyungsoo curses him a thousand times as Hakyeon’s chubby fingers let go of the vase and it shatters on the floor, the little boy smiling and running away after, careful not to step on shards.

Jaehwan moves from the milk to drinking juice from his cup, and Kyungsoo sighs as he picks up the large pieces of glass before moving to get the broom and dustpan. The next few hours pass by the same way until it finally hits eight o’clock and Kyungsoo can tuck the kids into bed. He pretty much has to strap them down because they still have so much energy and he wonders how much chocolate they were really given. Jongin probably just wanted to get back at him for forgetting their anniversary last month.

He’s just gotten all the dishes cleaned, seven different cups all used for Jaehwan’s milk and four for Hakyeon’s, then of course the plates for their food and he figures he’s also done mourning the loss of their vase, when keys jingle in the door and it’s being slung open, familiar shuffles filling up the room until rough hands are grabbing at Kyungsoo’s waist.

"Hey baby," Jongin gives a quick kiss to the back of his head before grabbing one of the newly washed cups and walking to the other side of the kitchen where the fridge is. "How was your day?"

"Do you want a divorce?!" He all but snaps, hoping to look like he’s pissed off when all he really wants to do is laugh at Jongin’s ‘deer caught in the headlights’ look and maybe punch him in the face a bit.

"Of course I don’t," Jongin whispers cautiously, eyes still wide and concentrated on his husband. "You know I would never—"

"Then why the fuck did you give the kids chocolate this morning?!”

The laugh the younger lets out doesn’t do anything to help Kyungsoo’s rage, and he crosses his arms in front of his chest and pouts childishly when Jongin comes up to him with a huge grin. “I’m sorry baby.” His lips meet Kyungsoo’s neck, hands resting on his hips and the elder tries his hardest not to let his resolve crumble. “Please forgive me?” The hands slowly move to his ass and lightly squeeze, pressing their hardening cocks together. “I promise I won’t do it again.” His lips move up to Kyungsoo’s jawline and over his cheek before he runs a tongue over the seam of his mouth, only letting their lips touch once Kyungsoo parts them.

Ah fuck it, he thinks, winding his arms around Jongin’s neck and pulling him in deeper, letting them taste more of each other. Jongin presses him into the countertop, lifting Kyungsoo up with strong arms, hands grasping the back of his thighs, and fitting himself between his open legs, not breaking the connection of their mouths.

"I still don’t forgive you," he breathes out hot and heavy against Jongin’s skin, panting at the fingers tracing the bulge in his pants. The room feels too stuffy all of a sudden and even the light t-shirt he has on seems like too much.

Jongin, practically reading his mind, lifts it over the smaller’s head before nimble digits unbutton his pants. “Don’t worry, I’ll make you forgive me,” he murmurs the words on Kyungsoo’s chest, pink tongue darting out to tease sensitive nipples as his cock springs out of his jeans that are pulled halfway down his legs.

Jongin sucks at the fragile skin on the inside of his thighs, right where it meets his hips, and smirks at the sight of his husband all laxed and cheeks flushed with arousal. It’s amazing the way they still hold that flame for each other even after all these years, that their libidos are still as high as well as their mutual attractiveness.

"You look so beautiful like this, laid out like a slut only for me," he says in a husky tone, licking a strip up the underside of his dick before taking it all in his mouth.

Kyungsoo has to slap a hand over his mouth not to scream, his free fingers tangling in Jongin’s hair to make him bob faster. Moans are muffled but still echo throughout the large kitchen, gasps coming on the occasion that Jongin lets the tip of Kyungsoo cock hit the back of his throat and swallow over the length.

"Shit, I’m coming," he mumbles all too soon, built up frustration from having Jaehwan sick and not being able to get alone with each other coming back to bite him in the ass. It would be embarrassing, but the lewd slurps and spit falling from Jongin’s mouth are worse yet arousing at the same time.

Jongin cups his balls, pressing them into his palm because he knows his husband likes it; knows that it has him clenching his eyes shut in pleasure and he doesn’t have to look up to know he’s doing it at that exact moment, fingers tightening in his hair to a painful degree before he’s coming down the back of his throat with a low keen.

He wipes the saliva from his chin before stuffing Kyungsoo back in his boxers and pulling up his pants. The elder smiles blissfully, sitting up and pulling Jongin close with arms around his shoulder and smashing their lips together, not minding the taste of his own come if it’s from Jongin’s mouth. Their tongues mingle and they don’t pull back even though they’re short of breath, Jongin’s hands resting at the base of the other’s neck as their lips mold together.

Kyungsoo is just about to trail down Jongin’s stomach and inside of his pants to return the favor when— “Dad? Daddy?”

It’s Hakyeon, tiny fists rubbing at his sleepy eyes and a stuffed animal hanging from the other.

"What is it Hakyeon?" Jongin asks with a gruff voice, throat raw from the cock that was shoved down it. He hopes their son didn’t notice their earlier lip lock and the fact that Kyungsoo doesn’t have a shirt on and is sitting on the counter with his Daddy wedged between his thighs.

"Jaehwan keeps coughing, I can’t sleep," the five year old replies, blinking wearily.

"He must still be sick," Kyungsoo frowns sympathetically, hoping off the counter and moving to the cabinet where the medicine is.

"Dad, why don’t you have a shirt on? And what were you doing with Daddy just now?"

The two parents freeze, grimly turning to face each other and Jongin mouths a you explain to him.

"You’ll understand when you’re older," Kyungsoo says simply, shrugging on the shirt that Jongin throws to him. "Now go back to bed so I can go check up on Jaehwannie. Okay?"

"Okay," Hakyeon nods, black hair bobbing up and down. "But I’m telling Uncle Sehun about this!" And he zooms back out of the kitchen before either can muster a reply.

"Never again," Kyungsoo commands with a stern finger pointed at his husband.




"No! Now go make sure that poor kid isn’t traumatized!"

"Fine," Jongin sighs and also makes his way out of the kitchen, but not without a peck on the lips and a quick pat on Kyungsoo’s butt.
Tags: length: drabbles
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